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What are Supplemental
Education Services?

Supplemental Education Services, or SES, is FREE* tutoring provided under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. These services are in addition to instruction provided during the school day. These services are of high quality, research based, and specifically designed to increase students’ academic achievement.

Free* Tutoring provided by AET

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Call 877-211-9322 Toll Free

*Provided under the No Child Left Behind Act
U.S. Department of Education
Office of Innovation and Improvement

  Your child may qualify for free tutoring if your child is eligible for free or reduced price lunch AND attends an eligible Title I school. If parental requests for free tutoring exceed the amount of funding available, the school district will serve the students with the greatest need. Neither the Florida Department of Education nor the School District promote or endorse any particular supplemental educational services (SES) provider.
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